How Do I Raise Happy and Healthy “Goal-Setting Kids”?

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We at KidsGoals.com believe that one of the most important features of childhood is the development of an identity.

As children shape their behavior and values, they may look to heroes and role models for guidance.

At KidsGoals.com we hope to provide a more POSITIVE approach to parenting, to help you empower your children, so they can learn to be their own hero.

Here you will find articles and parenting resources, covering all aspects of child-rearing, from ages 0-18, such as “Baby Sleep Problems” as well as tips and articles on “goal setting for kids,” “ADHD in Children”,”Raising Confident Boys” and help if you are asking ” What do I do if my Child is a Bully”!!

You will find information on how to talk to your children in a kinder, more productive way, as well using “positive reinforcement” – a technique where you catch your children behaving well and reward them for it.

There are also fun activities such as recipes for  “cooking with children” and “crafts and activities for children” We also have regular “kids jokes” section that our subscribers love!!!

As a parent, you have the MOST important job on earth. You can guarantee your child’s future success by instilling success characteristics—namely “goal setting for kids”, building self-esteem and self-confidence—into his daily life, so that he will use them automatically throughout life.

This will ultimately ensure his success in academic pursuits and later in whatever career or business he chooses.

To succeed in life, we must KNOW exactly what it is we are trying to do. This is the first and foremost secret of successful people—a secret you can give as a gift to your kids when you teach them” goal setting for kids”!! YOUR goal as a parent should be to instil in your children the habit of “setting goals for kids”—just as you teach them to brush their teeth!

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