Avoiding Seasonal Brain Drain: Science Summer Camp for Kids

  There is something exciting about summer for kids. The warm evening air holds promise of wild, carefree days. Kids can stay up late, wear their bathing suits around the clock for days at a time, chase the ice cream … Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and Children

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depressive disorder that usually occurs in the fall and winter months. The difference between regular depression and SAD is that SAD is cyclical and only occurs when the days get shorter and there is a … Continue reading

Great Books to Get Kids Excited About Science!

We seem to hear more and more about today’s kids struggling with math and science. It’s becoming a disconcerting fact about the American education system. Sometimes it seems kids aren’t inspired to enter the academic fields as they were a … Continue reading

How to Raise a Happier Child

It is very important for every parent to try and raise happier children, and create a more harmonious family. This is more than likely why “How to Raise a Happy Child” – written by Jean Liedloff (an American author), became … Continue reading