Useful Tips on Putting Kids to Bed

For many parents, bed time is one of the least favorite times of day. Most kids go through a rebellious phase where they simply don’t want to sleep and many parents get frustrated while trying to figure out a way … Continue reading

Understanding and Dealing with your Child’s Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is fairly common in children under the age of seven and can sometimes continue for several years beyond that point. It can result in frustration for the parents and feelings of shame and embarrassment for the child. This … Continue reading

Raising A Vegetarian Teenager

If your teenager has decided to make the transitions from a normal to a vegetarian diet, it probably has nothing to do with your cooking. Many teenagers go through different stages in attempts to “find themselves” so drastic changes, like … Continue reading

Teaching Children to Help the Environment and Live Healthier

When it comes to teaching children to help the environment you may think that you have to do something big. Take them to a rally, volunteer to help with beach clean-up, save the whales and so on. However, helping the … Continue reading