Donations & Advertising

Based on the positive feedback I receive from the subscribers of the newsletter as well as visitors from all parts of the world,  I believe that is being recognized as a valued parental resource website. I do my best to provide helpful and informative articles based on positive parenting and goal-setting.

As a mother of four children, I dedicate the majority of my free time to running the website, editing and sending out the newsletter, as well as researching and writing the articles and blog. Although I consider writing helpful and informative articles, newsletters etc on parenting and goal setting a labour of love, it is also extremely time-consuming.

About Advertising
There is also the financial aspect of keeping the site running and that is why I have chosen to place ads on this website. Please click on the ads or visit a sponsor, as this helps offset the cost and makes it possible for me to keep the site running and continue adding new content on all aspects of parenting and goal-setting.

About donations
I believe in the principle that energy flows in circles; that when we receive, we also should give in order to close the circle. This not only as a sign of appreciation for what we have received but also to make a statement of the value of that which we have received.

I have a true passion for what I provide to my subscribers and consider this my “heart’s calling”. If the information on the website helps you with your parenting or goal setting needs in any way and you find the information I provide of value, please make a donation.

This will keep the energy flowing and allow me to do what I truly love Smile

~Thank You