Tips to Help Get Your Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors :)

It is no secret that children who spend ample time outdoors are healthier and happier. Numerous studies have looked at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of children and how being outdoors can affect these. The conclusion is that … Continue reading

A Dad’s Share: Fun, Inexpensive Activities to do With a Toddler :)

When you have a child, everything changes. Your days off of work go from sleeping in and relaxing to waking up at the crack of dawn and entertaining a miniature person all day. Though keeping a two year old entertained … Continue reading

Fun Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Exercise

Adults tend to think of exercise as a chore, something on our to-do list that we need to cross off. But to kids, exercise has long been a natural way of life. When they’re excited, they run and shout, and … Continue reading