Safety for Kids in the Digital World Part 2 of 3

  Email Safety for Parents and Kids In the first part of this series, we discussed general Internet safety ideas which included ways to build trust in the parent-child relationship using Internet safety as the means. Many people get computers … Continue reading

Safety for Kids in the Digital World Part 1of 3

 Internet Safety Tips  The digital world of hand-held devices, texting, social media, and the Internet is growing at an unprecedented speed, as most parents are aware. It can even be overwhelming when looking at the growth statistics of social media … Continue reading

5 Ways to Prepare for a Newborn

Many expecting parents spend the time before the baby arrives perfecting the nursery and choosing the perfect baby clothes. The important details of preparing your home and life for a newborn often go overlooked until the baby is already born. … Continue reading

Nutrition for Toddlers: 12-24 Months

If you are a mother to a toddler, I can bet that you have thought to yourself or said out aloud a few million times that your child does not eat well. The moment babies hit the 1 year mark, … Continue reading