Safety for Kids in the Digital World Part 3 of 3

 Social Media Safety for Parents and Kids In our first article of this series, we discuss overall Internet Safety and developing a foundation for safety, boundaries, and a growing parent-child relationship through the process. The second article discussed specific safety … Continue reading

Safety for Kids in the Digital World Part 2 of 3

  Email Safety for Parents and Kids In the first part of this series, we discussed general Internet safety ideas which included ways to build trust in the parent-child relationship using Internet safety as the means. Many people get computers … Continue reading

Children of Divorce: Are Their Lives Affected in the Long Run?

The change and uncertainty that divorce brings can cause strong emotional issues and damage for children. Some children can adjust easily to a divorce, but others can develop long-term problems. Fortunately, parents can impact the way their kids react to … Continue reading

Interaction With Older Siblings Help Younger Children’s Vocabulary Improvement

A child’s vocabulary ability can depend on the quality of their sibling relationships, Canadian researchers have discovered. Despite not getting as much attention as the first-born child, younger siblings who have positive and nurturing relationships with their older siblings can … Continue reading