Décor Crafts for Kids to Jazz up Your Home

As the summer season draws to a close, it is time to indulge in some fun crafts with your kids in order to improve your home’s appearance and make it more inviting for your guests. Decorating your home with crafts is a unique way to showcase your artistic skills and who knows if your kid’s interest deepens, he/she could go on to become a good interior house designer in the near future.

Get involved with your kid’s and teach them a few simple crafts like these to enhance home’s appearance. You can even surprise your guests by bragging off to your guests about your child’s creativity and artistic talent.

Painting Crafts to Enliven Your Home
Do you have a feeling that your home is starting to appear drab and boring? How many years ago did you bring changes to your home décor? Here are simple ways to indulge in painting craft. This will certainly add elegance and charm to your home. Walls create a lasting impression in every home. In order to add color to the walls utilize an old toothbrush. You can even choose a speckling brush to give an amazing look to walls. Both these brushes offer a wonderful splatter effect on the walls.

Apply a fine coat of brightly colored paint to the board. Add more paint on to the toothbrush and apply it on top of the board. You will get trails of color by going in a systematic order and loading the brush with color every time you paint the walls.

Craft for Your Backyard
One of the best ways of welcoming guests to your backyard is by making crafts like a delightful bird sign or a scarecrow. All you require to make the bird sign is plywood, acrylic paint and wood glue.

Choose bright colors of acrylic paint to color plywood circle approximately 6 1/2-inch. Leave aside for drying and in the meanwhile, paint a 2 1/2-inch plywood circle. Let this also dry and take up crafts like cutting out a heart shape from plywood. The heart shape must be approximately 3-inch-long.

Put together the small circle to the large circle with the help of glue. Leave this for drying and also stick the eye of the bird in the corner. Place the heart shape behind the large circle. The heart shaped object is the bird’s beak. Balance this on top of a wooden stick for support when the bird sign is kept in a standing position. Place this in your garden to make it appear attractive.

When indulging in craft work your kid’s rooms can become very messy and disorganized. In order to make your kid’s room well-organized and free of clutter, it is imperative to utilize storage services and facilities.

So, when the holiday season is here, why not give a boost to your child’s creativity as well as to the entire house. Artistic crafts like these will not only improve your child’s skills, but it will transform the appearance of your home, turning it from drab to fab (fabulous).

About the Author: Suzan Hall is a part time blogger. She covers various topic related to home, interior decoration, and household storage etc. She loves to spend her time with family, friends and enjoys sharing tips and advices online. Over the last two years, Suzan has been blogging and contributing for self storage and its facilities.

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