Holiday Crafts for Kids

I have personally never met a child that did not like to do crafts, especially Christmas crafts. This is a season that everything becomes magical and much more fun just because it is Christmas. As my children were growing up I tried to make special events out of just about everything and Christmas was no exception.

There are so many wonderful crafts you can do with children of any age and at my house the older ones love to help out the younger children with their crafts when they are done with their own. Take some time to sit down with your children and do a little crafting, these times are the best times and will leave the greatest impression. Here are some crafts for you to try and believe me there are tons more if this are not enough!

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees – This one is super easy and great for any age. It is not in the least bit difficult and it includes icing and candy so what is not to love? The kids will have a blast making these but make sure you have plenty of candy on hand because more than likely they will eat half of it before you are done. You will need the pointy sugar cones and vanilla icing dyed with green food coloring. Have the kids use a craft stick or butter knife to ice their cones and then decorate with candy such as M&M’s, gumdrops, licorice lace, red hots, sprinkles, or any candy that looks like it would make a good Christmas tree decoration. You could even make a yellow star for the top using a yellow gumdrop or some kind of gummy candy, just roll it out and cut out a star.

I love buttons and I guess it has something to do with being around my great-grandmother quite a bit when I was young. She was a seamstress and had tons of old buttons in jars that she used to let the grand kids play with. We would string them up for necklaces or match colors or shapes and just have a ball with those buttons. Memories are so nice. If you do not have buttons at your house you can purchase bags of buttons at your local craft store or even at one of the bigger fabric stores. They come in all different colors, sizes, and shapes and are great for craft projects such as this one. While you are at the craft store pick up a box of crafting sticks because there is no end to what you can do with those sticks!

Button Star Ornaments – Take three craft sticks and lay them over each other gluing in the middle to form the star. Glue on buttons and attach string or twine to hang from your tree when dry! You could use something other than buttons if you would want like sequins, pom-poms, cotton balls, or just anything you can imagine! Painting it white and adding a light blue sequin would make it look realistic.

 Button Wreath Ornaments – Another cute button idea is to use florist wire or pipe cleaners and string on buttons in the shape of a wreath. After you are finished take some twine or even prettier, use a piece of silk ribbon and hang it from your tree.

Reindeer Ornaments – You can purchase clear ornaments at your local craft store or maybe a Christmas store nearby. Take off the top and fill it with confetti, add purchased googley eyes or paint on eyes and a nice red nose painted on or by using a small red pom-pom. Using a brown pipe cleaner slipped through the hook on top and twisted in the middle make your reindeer ears. Cut another pipe cleaner in half and twist each piece around the first pipe cleaner halfway up the original pipe cleaner to make the antlers. (In the shape of a cross.) This is such a cute ornament that does not take much time but will make the kids proud to see hanging on this year’s tree!

Another idea for the clear ornaments is to use a little craft paint and drip it into the ornaments and swish it around or shake it a little to make sort of an abstract look for your ornament.

Popsicle/Craft Stick Christmas Tree – I told you I loved craft sticks! If you have access to a tongue depressor this works nice for the trunk of the tree but if not a craft stick will do nicely too. Just put one down for the trunk and paint brown if you would like and then start with a full size craft stick at the bottom of the tree and then cut one a bit shorter for the next branch and then again for the next and so on. You can paint those sticks green and when it is dried (paint and glue) then decorate your tree with buttons, sequins, tiny ornaments, etc. You could even make tiny paper chain garland for your tree if you want to. Use yellow construction paper to cut out a star for the top and you could even use a little glue and gold or silver glitter to make it sparkle!

 Snowman Ornament–I just recently saw this ornament and thought it was adorable. It looks easy for any age with supervision because you are going to be up-cycling old light bulbs for this one. I believe they used washable tempera paint from the craft store to first paint the light bulb white unless you already have the solid white light bulbs and then you are all set. They used a hot glue gun but I would think an epoxy would work as well; it would just take a little longer to dry. Glue on some googley eyes or paint them on and an orange nose in the shape of a carrot along with the little black dots for the mouth to look like coal or raisins. For the top of the light bulb they used white pipe cleaners and just wrapped the pipe cleaners around the top and hot glued it. They had a couple buttons glued on down below the mouth, so cute! The finishing touch was a couple of sticks for the arms that they found in the yard and hot glued to the sides. It looks like they ran some ribbon through the pipe cleaners on top to hang it on the tree. Just precious.

Light-up Christmas Tree – If you have young children you will need to draw the shape of a Christmas tree on green construction paper and let them cut it out with child scissors. Using a hole punch have them punch holes in their trees. Using different colored tissue paper which you can purchase at your local dollar store, have the children cut squares of tissue paper in different colors. (The dollar store has multi colored packs.) Using a glue stick they then glue a square over each hole on the back of the tree. Hang it from a window and it looks like the lights on the Christmas tree come on! This is a lot of fun for the little ones.

Yarn Christmas Tree – This one is one of my favorites but it might take a little help for the younger children. It just takes a little more eye-hand coordination and could get a little frustrating for the younger kids. Purchase a Styrofoam cone of any size (it may be cute to do it in varying sizes for a display) and wrap it from the bottom up with a Christmas green colored yarn. For this one you will also need that package of buttons from the craft store as well as some decorative push pins (the kind with bigger balls on the ends instead of the plain flat ones). Fasten the yarn at the bottom with a pin and work your way up. If you would like you could use a little watered down glue to paint your cone first to make sure the yarn stays on or just make sure it is tight as you make your way up the cone. When you get to the top make sure it is completely covered and glue it or attach it securely. Using your decorative push pins you can begin to decorate your tree with various sizes and colors of buttons just by pinning them to the tree! It really is a lovely decoration for a display.

Hopefully you will enjoy craft time with your children using one of these crafts or perhaps they have sparked your imagination for a craft all your own. The most important thing is making memories with your children and this is a sure fire way to do that. They love spending time with their parents at this age so grab every opportunity. Have a blessed holiday season!

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