End of Year Goal Setting :))

Did you know that on September 23rd there were exactly 100 days left ’til the end of the year?

This is the kind of thing that you can use with your kids to put a bit of magic and fun into the goal setting process.

In the picture you can see a powerful goal setting tool. That’s right – it is simply a piece of card with a grid on it. What’s special about that? There are 100 little squares on that grid. On September 23 I shall color the first square in with a black marker pen. On the 24th I shall color in the second square. And so on until the end of the year.

Seeing the days to the “end target of my goal” disappear like this is a powerful psychological motivator and a great way to visually see your progress through time from the time you set a goal until the planned end date.

For kids it is ESPECIALLY important to encourage them to set themselves up for success. For example, let’s take a couple of example Art Goals that might be appropriate for a “100 day challenge” like this:

  • I will learn to play a musical instrument and practice every day
  • I will study and improve my spelling between now and the end of the year

What’s good about these goals?

  1. They are in the child’s CONTROL, some outside event is not going to make him fail (other than a real disaster such as a hurricane, or a serious illness – but let’s not plan for those)
  2. There is some room for slippage. So what if your child misses 10 days of art practice out of 100? Don’t expect him or her to be perfect.

Parents, why not have a fun goal setting session with your family and set some “End of Year” goals for yourself.

P.S. This technique is great for children who are mature enough to have a good sense of time and the ability to plan ahead. It depends on your child when he or she will be ready to have a goal spanning 100 days. Most 5 year olds will be too young and NOW-focussed. Most 9 year olds will be able to benefit from this technique. If your child is young, you could introduce this goal setting technique with a 10-day or 5-day goal and coloring grid.

Happy Goal-setting

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