Teaching Your Child to Write an Essay

childstressedaboutessayOnce your child starts going to school, s/he will encounter some difficulties that are school-related such as math problems, science experiments and even essay writing. Imagine your child asking for your help on how to write a 5-paragraph essay. While it may seem easy for you, it can be difficult to pass your writing skills and knowledge to your 10-year old.

You know that a paragraph essay has to have an introduction, body and conclusion. The next thing you need to know is how to teach your child the actual process of writing. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow in helping your child write an essay without doing the job itself.

Choosing a Topic
This is probably the most difficult part – coming up with an interesting topic that your child can write about. There’s no problem when the subject is assigned. You and your child just need to research a bit about what to write on. But if there’s no assigned subject, then do some brainstorming. On a piece of paper, ask your child to write everything that comes into his/her mind. It doesn’t matter whether it makes sense or not because the important thing is to be able to come up with an idea to write about.

After choosing among the topics written, create a ‘topic bubble.’ With the topic written on the middle of the paper, draw some connecting lines and write the ideas that are connected to the topic itself. The purpose of creating a topic bubble is to guide your child in writing the paragraph itself by outlining the supporting ideas that are related to the topic.

Writing the Introduction
Now that you have your outline, the next thing that needs to be done is the actual writing itself. Writing the introduction means including the topic sentence and giving the readers an overview of what the paper is all about.

Writing the Body of the Paragraph
The body of the paragraph, which can be 2-3 paragraphs, is the bulk of the whole essay. It is where all the necessary information and related points about a certain topic should be located. This is where the topic bubble plays an important role because all the ideas are already outline and your child just need to make sentences
and a coherent paragraph out of it.

Help your child write the body in such a way that the readers will understand easily what s/he is trying to convey. For example, if the topic is about setting up the Xbox 360 console, then the step-by-step procedure should be provided. It should be remembered that each paragraph should convey only one main point and supported by several sub-points.

Writing the Conclusion
The last paragraph is the conclusion or closing statement. Help your child generalize and summarize what the essay is all about by restating the topic sentence, highlighting the important points about the subject and finishing the essay with a closing sentence that makes an impression.

As a parent, get involved in the process of the writing itself and review your child’s work. Check if there’s anything else that needs to be improved on, particularly spelling and grammar, before writing the final draft. And don’t forget to motivate your child and praise him/her for a job well done.

About the Author: Sandra Miller is a Loyola Law School graduate. Now she is a freelance writer. Always uses editing service Help.Plagtracker to make her writing perfect. Loves creating tips for writers and students. Lives happily with her husband at Brooklyn.

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