Seven Topical Uses for Pure Lavender Oil to Help Kids Grow and Focus Naturally and Safely

Have you ever tried essential oils for everyday remedies? Have you heard how effective, natural and safe pure therapeutic-grade lavender oil is for children? I’ll have to admit, being somewhat dull to the idea, I was skeptical, until a friend shared a free bottle of Lavender oil when our 2 year old was having troubles winding down at night before bed. We were simply unaware of all the Lavender oil benefits around the home. To make a long story short (as they say), we are now convinced of researching and trying more natural remedies to help children grow and maintain health, which will affect their abilities to perform, focus, concentrate, set goals and succeed in life.

We have found that many concerned parents these days (an increasing number) are learning more about the toxicity in the environment, as well as the over-use of antibiotics, low nutrition in processed foods, and other factors that can affect our childrens’ abilities to concentrate, thrive, learn and live healthy, happy lives. Some would blame issues of lethargy and motivation to too much television, media, sedentary life-styles, and all of the electronic devices and entertainment. And all of that does play into the equation.

However, handling and balancing all of those issues, there can still be challenges that could be remedied if a more natural approach was taken to treat everyday issues for us and children. There are so many natural ways to treat common skin ailments around the home, and Lavender oil is perhaps the most versatile of them all. Over these next 3 articles, we will share several ways that Lavender oil can replace other man-made, processed remedies while being just as effective, if not more effective in their ability to treat children (and adults). And, along the way, people who follow a more natural path can help set their children on a healthier path. Over time, small, daily choices can and do have a major, long-term impact – for better or worse. Using natural, pure Lavender oil is 1 step to investigate and implement on this path to a more healthy, successful life-style for us and our children. Here are 7, very effective, everyday topical uses for Lavender essential oil.

1) Chapped lips – Lavender is a great way to soothe and moisturize chapped lips. It should be tested on small areas of the skin before using on a larger area, and it only takes a drop or two. Also, for ingesting, Lavender must be pure, therapeutic-grade oil and it must indicate that it can be taken internally. Most essential oils sold in stores is not 100% pure therapeutic-grade and therefore cannot be ingested safely.

2) Chapped hands – Rubbing a bit of pure Lavender oil not only soothes the skin, but can provide a thin coat of moisturizing oil that can safely heal minor chapped skin due to dry, colder weather. It can be used as a soothing preventive hand rub when the Fall season comes as well.

3) Bug Bites – Parent’s no longer have to reach for that man-made over-the-counter pharmaceutical to apply to their child’s skin when he or she is bitten by a mosquito, fly, or is stung by a bee. Not only does pure Lavender oil kill germs and promote healing of the skin, it also soothes the sting sensation and calms the nerves around the affected area, reducing your child’s discomfort without any toxicity. (And, it can also be used as a natural bug repellant if diluted in water and sprayed over the play area and on your child – just protect their eyes!)

4) Ringworm – True story: our 2-year-old had just come down with a patch of ringworm (which is actually a fungal infection on the skin creating circular-like rashes). We had no idea at the time, but had just begun using Lavender safely to help her sleep and to help soothe and heal small rashes – so we applied it to the affected ringworm area on her belly, just above her diaper waist-line. To our astonishment, the ringworm was completely gone in 3 to 4 days without using any man-made topcial fungicide. We later read (during some research) that it not only has antiseptic properties, but also anti-fungal properties as well.

5) Minor cuts – Pure Lavender oil is a very safe antiseptic. It kills harmful bacteria that infests wounds and keeps cuts from healing. On small cuts and scratches, try using 100% pure therapeutic-grade Lavender oil instead of reaching for that bottle of peroxide or antibiotic cream (like Neosporin). It works wonders and again. . . it’s 100% natural.

6) Acne and blemishes – Lavender oil is unique in that it can reduce the sebum output (facial oils) in the skin, while killing harmful bacteria that feeds off the sebum to produce acne and other blemishes on children, teens and adults. While this is not a big deal in children, it is very active in teens and even creeps up on many adults from time to time. It is wise to test Lavender on a small area of acne for several days, however, as a small percent of people are actually sensitive and may have a minor skin reaction to the Lavender application. Once the area is tested for a number of days and there is no reaction, one can proceed to test other, larger areas, keeping a close eye on any secondary reactions. In most cases, however, Lavender will only benefit the reduction of acne while promoting clean, balanced skin.

7) Sore muscles – Sometimes little children experience sore muscles and growing pains. Using a few drops of Lavender, a loving parent can massage sore spots and bring relaxation, comfort, and peace to the child while developing a special bond. Children love a parent’s kind and gentle touch, and in a busy society, they often do not get enough of it. Building their self-confidence by nurturing and loving touch can go a long way to help them become

It’s interesting how a simple, natural oil from a plant can have so many benefits for adults and children. And though it may seem that these 7 daily uses reveal the abundant benefits of Lavender oil for everyday use, this small list only scratches the surface of what it can do around your home. In the next few articles, we will share many other household uses that can help reduce unnatural toxicity and increase natural, balanced health for children and adults alike. With all things, always check with a physician and do things under a physician’s guidance. Especially if you are a pregnant or nursing mother, Lavender may need to be avoided, but check all things with your physician.

About the authors – Aaron & Jennifer Schulman have 3 girls and enjoy learning about essential oils, whole foods, healthy recipes, and gluten free recipes for kids (especially for their gluten-allergic 4 year old). They have had a good time learning about Lavender oil and other natural remedies over the past several years. They also enjoy researching, writing and sharing this information with other parents who are looking for ways to bring more natural and healthy living into their homes.


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