Is Tennis A Sport For Everyone?

Tennis familyWhile not everyone can play tennis to the level of that witnessed at Wimbledon, many individuals can enjoy a game of tennis on some level. Young, old, male, female, couples, families and singles, experts and the novice can all not only get what is probably some much needed exercise but can learn valuable lessons from the game of tennis. The game can be as fast or as slow as the people playing it desire or require. And don’t worry if you don’t understand the scoring – you can always devise your own scoring system. Or you could ask your kids – they seem to have a grasp on things that many adults find confusing and frustrating.

The Benefits of Children’s Tennis
Children suffering from ADHD greatly benefit from partaking in organized sports. Aside of course from having the next star Wimbledon parents may choose to have their child taught and coached in the game of tennis for any number of reasons. Here a just a few:

  •  The game assists in emotional control
  •  Concentration skills improve
  •  Short attention spans of not only ADHD sufferers but kids in general are perfectly dealt with by frequent down-times and volleys lasting, usually, a mere matter of seconds
  •  Multitasking is encouraged due to the need to put together ball strike, zone set up, grip change, etc.
  •  The fast pace of tennis is more easily dealt with in the mind of a child who, with too much downtime, might otherwise grow bored or frustrated
  •  Visual acuity and development are encouraged as well as reaction times and coordination
  •  Though proper, appropriate actions and motions are provided and encouraged there is room for stylization and personalization in the manner in which every individual plays the game

Help Curb the Obesity Epidemic
If simply walking at a brisk pace for half an hour to 45 minutes every day is exceedingly beneficial, imagine how beneficial even a mildly aggressive game of tennis would be. The giant lobs and slams that you see on the professional tennis court don’t need to be part of your game. A friendly volley back and forth will burn infinitely more calories than a simple walk around the block. How many individuals do you know struggle with their weight?

How many of those individuals live in relatively close proximity to a playground or official tennis court? You don’t have to have a standard court with a net and lines painted on the pavement in order to volley a tennis ball back and forth just for a little exercise. You might even be able to talk the kids into joining you. But keep in mind, you may need to set up a type of handicap when it comes to scoring. The handicap would of course be for you… Not the kids.

Will the Cost of Equipment Send Me to the Poor House?
You don’t have to have state of the art equipment and one of those cute little white outfits to play tennis. You can always pick up a secondhand racket at a rummage sale or secondhand store of some sort. If you get good enough you can always invest later on, but just getting out there and learning the sport is your first step.

As far as coaching is concerned, the money will be well spent – particularly on a child. The lessons learned and the exercises alone are so beneficial to each child that it is literally priceless. And if you’re an adult receiving coaching lessons, hey – don’t you deserve a little treat? You could be spending this in a bar or on a pair of shoes that are going to go out of style in a few months. Far better you spend it on something that is as good for you as tennis is. You never know, you might meet a certain someone that ends up being a compatible companion for the future. Of course that’s assuming you’re single. At the very least you might gain a new friend or two.

At the very beginning of this article, the title asks if tennis is for everyone. Anyone assuming that the phrase left wheelchair-bound individuals unaccounted for is mistaken. Wheelchair tennis has taken off, as have many sports activities now participated in (and excelled at) by physically challenged individuals. The perfect example of this is the upcoming Paralympics. So pick up a racquet!

About the Author: Yorrick, is a freelancer, currently writing for, a company that provides tennis grips. Yorrick is fond of his pet Labrador, Mike, and loves to take him out for a walk in the park.

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