Why My Child Freaks Out At The Sight Of Greens?

boyhatesgreensIndeed, a pressing question on every mother’s mind. So what is it that drives a child away from healthy food. Is it the blanch taste of vegetables? Or, is it the cultural acceptance of junk food that leaves room for no other cuisine? Some moms think that they need culinary perfection to make vegetables edible. That might work but you cannot totally count on it. The notorious picky eaters will find a way to escape the greens even if you sneak any vegetables into their food, it won’t get past their taste buds.

Let me tell you, the problem is not with the art of cooking. It’s the art of dining that’s missing from our homes. Most moms don’t know how to make their kids say no to junk food. We fail to develop their taste for vegetables when they are young and once they have grown past toddler years, it’s hard to feed them anything healthy. It seems to be a pandemic that has frustrated the moms of every generation. Back to the topic, why kids have an aversion to vegetables? The answer might surprise a few moms as I am about to reveal the parents’ guilt.

According to some nutritionists and psychologists, the prime reason for kids not acquiring the taste of vegetables is the poor eating habits of parents. That’s right! In order to make your child eat veggies, you have to start eating it yourself. 80 percent of the children who do not eat vegetables have parents who don’t like vegetables either. However, this idea does not fully explains why children freak out at the sight of greens even if their parents love them. 

Luckily, there are some scientific evidences to prove that kids have an aversion to bitter tastes. They are attracted to sweet but bitter makes them edgy. The extent of aversion can be reduced or controlled over time and some kids tend to grow out of it. But meanwhile, it’s not a good idea to force-feed them vegetables because then their temporary dislike will turn into a rebellion. Let them climb out of this aversion and you can feed them the vegetables they are happy to eat.

Another finding reveals that children are born with around 10,000 taste buds which tend to diminish as they mature. By the time, they reach adulthood, only 3,000 taste buds are left. If all the moms out there believe that their kids are making excuses, then it’s not completely their fault. Since the kids have more robust taste buds, it’s hard for them to forgo the bitter taste of vegetables. They will feel the taste more than grown-ups. As the taste buds diminish, the flavors don’t remain that strong. In fact, some kids develop into adults who actually enjoy eating vegetables.

If your child runs away from green vegetables, try not to punish him. Understanding the taste bud issues in kids will help moms realize that vegetables must not be force-fed. Wait for them to overcome their hatred and they may eventually grow up to develop a liking for vegetables.

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