The Common Types Of Therapy Available and How It Can Help

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

In the state today there are a wide number of counselors; residents in particular have at their disposal some of the best in the area. However it can feel a little overwhelming to get started as there are many types of therapies and therapists. The issue is that there is no ‘best therapy’ method for your individual needs and it all depends on your preferences. With this in mind, let’s explore the common types of therapy and how they can help.

It’s fair to say that most therapists are multi-disciplinary and therefore don’t stick to one particular type. Instead they’ll seek to adjust the techniques to suit the needs of the client. However as a general orientation, here are some guidelines.

Individual counseling
This kind of therapy delves into the negative feelings and thoughts that people have and the destructive behavioral patterns that surround them. An individual therapist for example, may look into the past for the underlying causes of such problems, but in general they deal with the here and the now, by helping the client to make positive changes.

Counseling for couples
If anyone believes that they need marriage counseling, they are likely to find that couples therapy is probably the best route to take. Here couples learn together how to work through their differences, solve challenges and communicate better.

Family counseling
This involves treating multiple members of the family at the same time. By working through conflicts together the idea is that all the family members involved need to change the way that they behave. This is based on the idea that the family works as one unit. Similarly to a series of small cogs in a large wheel, if one cog isn’t functioning properly, then the wheel itself isn’t going to work.

Group therapy
These types of counseling services generally involves a group of peers who are working together on the same problem. It could be something like depression, anxiety or even substance abuse for example, but the idea is that monitored by a professional therapist, people who are going through the same problems talk about the challenges that they face on a daily basis with the rest of the group. From this the collective as a whole can gain inspiration by talking and listening to others in a safe and controlled environment.

When it comes to Counseling and therapies, residents really do have some great therapists to choose from but as a general rule of thumb the philosophy and type of therapy behind the treatment is far less important than that of the relationship formed between your counselor and you. So choosing wisely in initial stage would ease the future therapy processes.

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