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Children just love toys. They never get tired of them and keep wanting more of them. Whenever you pass by a toy store with your kids and they see a new toy or something they like, their hands just go up and point towards it. This is the kind of attachment that children have during their early stage of development. Kids Toys can be almost anything from simple strings to sophisticated devices, as long as they are safe for them in all respects and they can play with them.

Playing is important for children, not just because they like to but also because this is the way they practice growing up. As they like to play all the time it is a good idea to combine it with some skill development practices. This can be achieved by buying them toys that have some relevance in the process of their social, mental, physical and skill growth. As more parents are focused on implementing this, realizing the value of introducing purposeful and functional toys to their kids, manufacturers are also forced to produce more of them.

Learning & Educational toys are the type of toys that are becoming really popular as a result of the above discussed ideas and factors. Educational toys help kids develop some of the most fundamental skills as discussed below.

1. Social Skills – Humans are social animals and cannot survive in isolation. When kids grow up, they will need to mingle with a lot of people from all walks of life. If they are sociable and mingle with all kinds of people easily, then their life will be a happy and successful one. The best way instill  these skills in them is to buy them toys and games that they can play with other kids, like board games. Board games require a lot of patience and sharing, as you need to wait for your turn and respect your playmates. This way they can start interacting with a lot of kids from an early age. They will practice how to have a proper conversation with people and learn to be more free, relaxed and open while hanging out with people.

There are many people who are really smart or talented and yet have little or no social skills, rendering them unable to mingle with people. They fear meeting new people and going to social events. As a parent you should ensure that your sons and daughters develop proper social skills right from childhood, and what better way than doing it with toys.

2. Cognitive Skills – Cognitive skills include attention, memory power, logic and reasoning, etc. These skills are brain related and the brain is a sophisticated organ. You need to train your brain in these skills, regularly and over a period of time, if you really want to have a good set of cognitive skills. One of the easiest ways to train a kid to develop cognitive skills is to introduce them to toys that can help them gain these skills in a fun way. Sometimes, it may be hard to teach a kid how to solve simple mathematical problems in the normal way, but when you use a colorful abacus it might be easier for the kid to understand. Colorful puzzles, building blocks and other similar toys can help your kids develop some of the most important cognitive skills. Once these basic skills are learned, they will be able to move on to the next stage easily.

3. Language skills – The best way to learn to speak is to first listen, and then practice it. There are robotic toys that speak pre-recorded sounds and also ask questions. While playing with them children will imitate the voices they hear and slowly learn to speak. There are also reading and writing toys that help kids learn the alphabet, numbers and names of objects or animals. There are also activity storybooks that will help kids learn about a lot of things in the story, as they observe and try to understand them.

There are also toys that help develop motor skills, creativity and imagination, hand-eye coordination and confidence. Choose toys from different brands like Funskool, Leapfrog,Fisher-Price and others. There are also many hi-tech electronic toys like kids tablets and laptops that will also act as their first step towards technology. It is important for parents to be smart while buying toys for their kids. They should try to focus on all-round development of the children’s skills and hence buy different types of toys.

About the Author: Divya Kumari is a passionate writer who is interested on writing articles related to child behavior and development, baby care, family & parenting tips. I am a mother of 4 years old daughter & enjoys reading, writing, socializing and traveling.

Image courtesy of photostock

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