Great Toys for Outdoor Summer Fun :)

Once upon a time, children were let free from school for the summer months so they could help bring in the harvest and prepare the family for winter. These days, summer time is synonymous with freedom and play. A sprinkler and hose no longer satisfies the sophisticated child. Parents find it hard to tempt the kids out of the house to enjoy the beautiful weather, when video games call them to the couch. A few amazing toys exist that will get the kids back outside.

Water Guns
Water wars, fought with water balloons and water guns, never get old. Kids love the water, especially when it’s hot. A variety of amazing water guns have replaced those old leaky clear plastic pistols of yesteryear. Now it’s possible to blast away the summer heat with a variety of benign “weapons” that will soak the kids, wear them out, and keep them cool. Super Soaker, Water Warriors, and Water Sports all offer kid approved models.

Sand Molds
For families near a beach– or at least near a pile of dirt– making sandcastles is another way to have outdoor summer fun, and a variety of sand molds in castle forms make it extra exciting. Online shopping offers a plethora of options, with animal shapes, castle walls, pillars and towers. It’s easy for even the younger children to get in on the action, as the molds allow creating real, recognizable shapes fun and easy.

Power Wheels Vehicles
Any kids with their own outdoor vehicle will consider themselves lucky. Power Wheels have been around for a long time, but driving a car in a video game pales in comparison to driving the real– or almost real– thing. Power Wheels come in a variety of styles for boys and girls. Every once in a while they may need a little upkeep or repair. For example, genuine power wheels parts are available at sites like

Water-Hockey Sprinkler
This last one will have even the adults feeling jealous. The Wham-o Water Knee Hockey Rink offers kids the chance to play “ice-hockey” while enjoying the cooling shower of a sprinkler. The competition of who can score the most goals adds a new level of action to the good old sprinkler, making this a toy sophisticated enough for the video game generation.

Whatever choices you make to occupy the kids this summer, be sure they get outdoors. The school year is endless hours inside under the fluorescent glow of cheap lighting. Use the summer as a time to keep them fit and healthy with a great dose of sunshine.

About the author:Savannah Coulsen is a freelance  writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. For those seeking genuine power wheels parts, Savannah suggests checking out The Mending Shed.

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