Visualization Exercises

1) To demonstrate that to the mind, a real and an imagined event are the same, ask your child to pretend he is holding half a lemon. Feel it in your hand, pretend you can see it. Squeeze it and feel the wetness of the juice trickling over your hand. Now bring that lemon up to your mouth and slurp up a mouthful of juice – watch your child’s face as he does this and you’re guaranteed a good giggle! Now ask him, what does it taste like? Did you get a sour taste in your mouth?

2) Close your eyes and imagine two dogs playing. Get your child to time you, and do this for 1 minute. Open your eyes and write a list of things to describe what you saw. Now ask your child to close his eyes and imagine two dogs playing. Time him and ask him to open his eyes after a minute and list everything about what he saw. The winner is the person with the biggest list!

3) Sit down with your child and brainstorm various positive states that he might want to anchor, for example concentrating, studying easily, and being energized. Simply the awareness that he can use his mind and body to access these states when he wants to, rather than just waiting for them to sneak up on him, is a big step. If you also encourage him to create his own set of anchors to use over and over again to create positive states in himself, you will have given him a powerful gift that will benefit him for the rest of his life.


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