10 Inexpensive Activities For Your Child’s Birthday Party

birthdayfunIs your little one having a big birthday? If so, helping your child celebrate with a fantastic birthday party is always a great idea. Are you ready for dozens of children to invade your space? If you aren’t well-prepared, that’s exactly what it will feel like: an invasion. Your child’s birthday party should be entertaining for everyone involved. By keeping the kids busy with fun activities, you can ensure not only a fun party, but a less stressful one for the grown-ups. Here are 10 entertaining tips for the perfect child party:

1.Plant a Garden
With a packet of seeds, Dixie cups or small terracotta pots, a bag of soil, Popsicle sticks, and paint, your guests can grow their own plant. Let kids decorate their pots and sticks, fill each cup with a bit of dirt, plant two to three seeds, and add water. The kids can take home their seed pot and move their plant outside when it
grows strong.

2.Picture It
Buy cheap wooden or foam frames at your local craft store. With ephemera, glue and paint, allow the kids to decorate their frames. Take a photo of each little guest with your child and, at the end of the party, print the pictures from your computer. Each child then has a fun memento to take home.

3.Paint Me
Children of all ages love having their faces painted. You can easily find a friend or family member to paint faces or, if it’s in the budget, hire a professional for the task. You can offer whole-face painting, half-face painting, or small pieces of face-art.

4.Changing Stations
You have a small child so you know about short attention spans. Instead of having one long activity, have several short ones. Set up five tables, each with a different activity. Divide children into five groups and have each group begin at a different table. At the end of 20 minutes, blow a whistle and have the groups rotate one table to the left. The activities end when each child has visited each station.

5.Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts are popular with kids of all ages. Your hunt can be simple or complex, depending on the age of your children. Hide small items and make long lists for older children; hide larger items in plain sight for smaller children. For kids who are too young to read, make a list of pictures instead of words.

6.Egg Hunt
You can decorate plastic eggs like birds’ eggs or dinosaur eggs. Put a small toy or treat inside each egg and hide them in the house or around your property. Hide four or five eggs per child. Give each child a small bag and let them find the eggs. Limit children to four or five eggs so that each guest gets a treat.

7.Cake Decorating
This is a fun activity for children aged five and up. Instead of having a birthday cake for your little one, bake a batch of cupcakes or a platter of sugar cookies. Lay down a table cloth and put out several colours of frosting, containers of sprinkles and bowls of candy. Let each child decorate their own cupcake or cookie to eat.

8.Ball Toss
Fill a pail or bucket halfway full with sand. Line the children up single file. Hand the first child a small ball and have him toss it into the pail. The distance between the children and the pail should be determined by the age of your guests. Hand out small prizes to each child that lands a ball in the pail. You can play as many rounds of this game as you like.

9.Water Balloon Toss
The water balloon toss is always a fun activity on a hot day. Divide the children into two rows and have them face each other. Give each child in one row a water balloon. Start with the rows about a foot apart. Yell “Toss!” and have the children toss the balloon. When all children in the opposite row have caught the balloon, have them take one step back. Keep this up until only one team is left with a

10.Caterpillar Races
Divide the children into two even teams. Each child should put his hands on the shoulders or waist of the child in from of him. Have the “caterpillars” run to a marker about 50 feet away. The children must make it to the finish line connected. Any time the children lose hold of one another; they must go back to the starting line and begin again. The team that wins is the one who makes it to the finish line

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep birthday guests entertained. With the 10 tips above, you’ll keep the little ones busy until the party ends. Use the ideas as they are or as a starting point to your own creativity for a successful celebration.

About the Author: Amy Chandler is a blogger for DiscountBannerPrinting.co.uk , one of the UK’s leading providers of printed window cling, banners and stickers. Follow her on Twitter @DBPamy.

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  1. Some really great tips here – another I would suggest is ensure there are some ‘quiet’ games if possible and find games that will keep the children entertained and able to communicate with other. Trading cards are great for that and can be included as part of a child’s party bag or on their own.

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