Have a Monster Party for your Little Monster!

When kids are very young, sometimes it is hard to decide on an appropriate theme that they will understand. Maybe it isn’t about the understanding, it is just about fun. The brighter more exciting it is, the more fun will be had. Or perhaps it is a matter of being soft and sweet. Having boys in my house, I have always struggled to find boyish and energetic party ideas. But there is one popular theme trending. Monsters.

The décor:
This theme is all bright colors and funky shaped monsters. So when decorating this one up, use primary colored balloons and coordinating streamers. A happy birthday banner goes great to highlight the birthday kid. Have a table large enough to place all of your goodies on and the cake. Drape it in a bold tablecloth or a themed tablecloth and use the opposite in tableware. (What I mean is, if you use a solid tablecloth then you use patterned plates and napkins. If you use a patterned tablecloth then you use solid plates and napkins.) In my experience, it is a little more budget friendly to use a patterned cloth and solid plates. However, I will occasionally use themed napkins as well. For this party, take solid disposable cups and stick googly eyes on them. Turns a cup into a monster!

The cake:
The less mess way to do cake is to have an individual cupcake ready for each guest. Taking the monsters into consideration, decorate them looking like they are hairy by using bright colored frosting and Wilton’s tip #233 for the fur. Using white frosting, pipe eyes and a pupil on the fur. Instant monster cakes! You can apply the same technique to a round cake if you just want one cake to serve.

The favors:
Here is the fun part! Getting your favors together. Using cellophane and ribbon, you can fill large squares with goofy gummy candies or bright colored candy that are kid friendly. But besides the junk food, let them wear headbands that sport antennae that wobble around. Have a little basket and a sign that reads “Adopt a Monster” and place homemade monsters in there for the kids to pick from. You can even print out little cards that tell them about their monster, like a birth certificate. Those can be the most special trinket they leave with. You can make them out of large pompoms and googly eyes or even paint little rocks to look like monsters. If you want to skip the whole homemade thing, there are shops like Etsy that will sell you little monsters for your basket. Finger puppets are great fun for kids to play with also! If you aren’t so great with a sewing machine, try just gluing your felt together. These can be made very inexpensively by layering the pieces of your monster’s face on the felt body. Time consuming, yes. Expensive, no.

The Games:
A fun game of kid’s bowling is always a hit. Decorate plastic pins like monsters or use water bottles with a little water in them to weight them. Use a small ball that can be rolled and is heavy enough to knock over your pins. Doing a blindfolded game of stick the eyes on the monster is fun for them, or a themed game of “duck, duck, goose” will get them all excited!

Even if your child is just having their very first celebration or if they are getting a little older, monsters have become such a loved and common thing. Not only are they fun and the colors are stimulating, it helps overcome the fear of monsters in the closets or under the beds. So have a happy birthday and celebrate having them as friends!

About the Author:
Maddy Olson blogs on a variety of subjects that are deep topics and can change lives. Writing for the boys’ birthday party supplier partypail.com is a very rewarding passion she enjoys. Having four sons of her own has prompted her write about the parties she has planned and hosted.

Tell us in a few words what you like about KidsGoals.com and what motivated you to contribute this article:
I have four sons and four more step-sons (and one step-daughter) so I have seen and experienced a lot of different situations.

I wish blogs had been around when I was having issues with my kids. I feel these are valuable tools to parents today. A sounding board. You have a very cool site here, one that I would be proud to have my work on.

When my boys were young, I had a themed birthday party for them each year. I was busy year round! lol But I know firsthand how a fun theme can make the imagination come out in Millennial generation children. It is almost like magic, the transformation is amazing. 🙂

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