Special Birthday Gift Ideas :)

What are some of the best ways in which you can create birthday wishes that really mean something to the person that’s receiving them? Traditional ways to wish someone a Happy Birthday include using paper cards, gift baskets, and personalised presents; at the same, though, you can experiment with digital birthday wishes through eCards, while spoiling someone on their birthday through surprise trips and more unusual ways of saying Happy Birthday. What options are available, and which one best suits you?

Traditional Cards
Giving a traditional card is probably the most reliable way to wish someone a Happy Birthday, and can be varied through hand written messages, and by making your own hand made cards – the latter option is particularly recommended for children if giving cards to parents.

Sending an electronic card online can be an excellent idea if you want to add some distinctive to your birthday wishes; eCards can be created online and customised to include personal messages, videos and photographs, and can be sent to mobiles and tablets. ECards are also an excellent idea if you want to cut down on the cost of post and packaging, and can represent an eco conscious way to wish someone Happy Birthday.

Gift Baskets
Show how much you appreciate someone on their birthday by putting together a personalised gift basket; this can include wine, cheeses and bread, chocolates, and flowers, as well as personal messages and cards.

Nights Out
Paying for a night out to a person’s favourite restaurant, or even just going out for a nice takeaway or the cinema can be a good way to show someone that you care about them on their birthday, especially when you agree to foot most of the bill.

Weekend Breaks
Ideal for sharing birthday wishes between partners, a weekend break can involve a surprise trip away to Paris, or a few nights in London – these can be planned well in advance, and checked with calendars to make sure that they don’t fall at an unsuitable time.

Personalised Gifts
If you can, making a personalised gift will usually be a better idea than going with something generic; this can be as simple as getting jewellery made with a person’s name engraved onto it, or attaching labels and special designs to bottles of wine or whiskey.

Letters, Poems and Songs
Communicate your birthday wishes through letters, poems, and songs, which can represent an excellent surprise on the day, and can be performed one to one, sent in the post or online, or put together at a birthday party.

Something Unusual
For times when you want to push the boat out a bit with your birthday wishes, you can invest in something a bit more unusual; this might include using fireworks to spell out someone’s name, or paying for a plane to fly overhead with ‘Happy Birthday’ trailing behind it; this approach is perhaps best left for very special birthdays.

About the Author: Cathy John is always looking for new ways to send birthday wishes for her niece within her budget, the most recent of which has been from katiescards.com. She particularly recommends sending birthday ecards if you’re traveling and can’t see someone in person.

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