5 Birthday Gifts That Will Officially Make You The Best Aunt or Uncle In The World :)

Buying a birthday treat for your niece or nephew isn’t the easiest job in the world, but you still want to be the best aunt ever so it’s important you get them a gift they’ll treasure. If you need a little help we can look at a few special gifts they won’t be able to resist once they rip them open.

Art Easel
Do you think your niece or nephew has a bigger smile on their face when they’re sitting around with a paintbrush in their hand? If they are really creative they might love nothing more than working away on their next masterpiece and you can make it really easy for them by getting them a wonderful standing art easel. They will feel like a real painter and their work will improve in the process, plus if they become famous I’m sure it entitles you to a cut of their future millions.

Free Audio Books
Some children love to read more than anything else in the world because it lets them escape into a fantasy world whenever they want. Instead of sitting around reading a physical book they might find it much easier to lie in their bed listening to a great audio book instead. You could buy them a year’s subscription to Audible and they will be able to download new books every month, but if they want to creep over their monthly limit for book downloads they will have to find another way to pay for them.

Instax Mini 90 Camera
The main problem with digital cameras is the logistics involved when a child wants to put a photo up on their bedroom wall. They have to go onto the computer to print something out and by that time they’ll probably be bored. This amazing instant camera from FujiFilm will let them get their photos straight away and they’ll be no more waiting around. The only downside is the extra films you’ll need to get them because I’m sure they’ll go a little trigger happy in the beginning.

Remote Control Helicopter
Children get tired of sitting behind mom and dad every day in the car and they want to feel like they’re in control of something. They obviously can’t jump behind the wheel, but they will be able to get the same buzz if you get them a remote control helicopter. They probably love anything to do with flying too, so it’s one of those gifts that will force them to smile from ear to ear. These days the technology is a lot better and the helicopters will actually stay in the air and do tricks like a real helicopter.

iPad Mini
Everyone you know probably has a smartphone or a tablet because they’re the future and children need to start getting used to them from an early age. You can drive around cake shops   looking for the perfect cartoon cake(see suggestion in author’s bio), but they will appreciate playing their favorite apps on an iPad Mini so much more. It’s just the direction the world is heading and you need to go with the flow. The Mini is perfect for smaller kids because they’ll be able to hold onto it a lot easier without smashing it on the floor.

You can always ask
You will know what they want by now, or even if you don’t you can ask their parents. If you want to get them something they might not have mentioned before you can always go with one of the gifts we’ve spoken about today. I know they won’t be disappointed with any of them because they’re the kind of gifts they’ll be able to derive so much pleasure from.

About the Author: The author of this post is Yorrick, a freelancer currently writing for Heidelberg Cakes, providers of designer cakes in South Australia. He is a complete foodie and gourges on pastries and French fries.

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