Five Bonding Activities to do With Your Teenage Children

Five Bonding Activities to do With Your Teenage ChildrenIf you have teenage children, you might be feeling a little lost as to how to spend quality time with them. After all, at that age, their main imperative seems to be avoiding you as much as possible. However, this is most likely because they don’t think that they have anything in common with you. In fact, you probably felt much the same way about your parents when you were young. That said it’s important to spend time with your teen in a meaningful and constructive way. Here are five activities that can help facilitate bonding.

Video Games
Kids spend an average of 13 hours per week playing video games, usually by themselves. Even if you’re not big into them, consider asking them if you can join. Chances are that they’ll be stunned that you’re even interested. They’ll have a great time showing off their knowledge of the games and teaching you how to play them, and they’ll be glad to have a partner to play with.

Family History
Everyone deserves to know about their forebears. Family history is a treasure trove of knowledge that shows you who you came from, what the people before you did and helps you understand yourself a little better. For this reason, you should spend some time with your teen researching your family history. Even if they don’t seem thrilled about it at first, curiosity usually gets the better of them. The 1930 United States Census is a great place to start, and you can search US census data at to find even more information.

Teach Them a Skill

A useful skill is a good thing to have, whether it’s carpentry, electrical work, auto mechanics or gardening. Having a usable skill, regardless of its ability to bring financial gain, breeds pride, self-sufficiency and confidence, and these are things that nobody can put a price on.

Every parent knows that teens love to eat, so why not get them more involved in matters of the kitchen? The ability to cook tasty and nutritious meals is something they will need when they’re adults, so now is as good a time as any for them to start practicing.

The Great Outdoors
If your teen spends all day inside, then try encouraging them to go with you on a foray into nature. The great outdoors are full of wonders, and sharing in their joys together is a great way to strengthen familial bonds. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, hunting or just walking through a park, it’s sure to bring you closer together.

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