Five Tips for Helping Your Child if They are Being Bullied

5 Immediate Actions To Take If Your Child Is Injured By a Bully

Back in the day, meaning the 19th and 20th centuries, bullying was perceived as a normal rite of passage for everyone. It was so ingrained into our society that even college fraternities, sororities and military schools participated in hazing rites that often went beyond reason. Some of that is still prevalent today. It was and is often seen as a necessity to prove one’s worthiness to join whatever group or club an individual is interested in joining.

Somewhere along the way, bullying became even more rampant and hurtful. It was one thing for one kid or a few kids to pick on somebody; it was another to use cell phones to involve a large number of others, creating a mass of peers bullying one person. It simply got out of hand, and its painful results became more serious and apparent. Since studies now show the true affects of bullying, which too often results in suicide and other acts of violence, bullying is finally being recognized for the social menace it is.

What Parents Can Do
For concerned parents wanting to educate their kids about bullying, how to avoid doing it, preventing it and reacting to it, here are five tips for helping your child overcome bullying:

Teach Your Child Not to Bully
If your child is the bully, explain to them how bullying not only hurts others, bullies lose the respect of their peers. In addition, it has become illegal in many places, and is in fact a criminal act. A role play of bully and victim can be helpful if done properly. It can show them how it must feel to be taunted and tormented by a bully.

Teach Your Child to Ignore
If your child is a victim, advise them to try ignoring the bully’s attempts to harass or taunt. This isn’t always easy, but it delivers the message that the bully’s efforts are ineffective.

Teach Your Child Not to Retaliate
Retaliation may spur the bully on to find more hurtful ways to torture emotionally or physically.

Teach Your Child to Talk to Someone
Talk about it to parents, a school adviser or another trusted adult; don’t keep it bottled inside. Also stay close to friends. There’s emotional safety in numbers.

Teach Your Child to Avoid Becoming a Target
Teach your child to break bad habits. Teach your child to act his or her age.Children who act older or younger than they are often become the target of bullying.Be careful when you buy clothes for your child, as clothing can be an easy target for bullies as well.

The important thing is to talk to your child. Bullying is something that can be dealt with intelligently and effectively.

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