Helping Your Child Choose the Right College or University


We have all heard the term ‘helicopter parenting’, and for those of you who classify as such, know that this guide is not for you (Basically a parent who is considered to be so determined in “helping” his/her child, regardless of the child’s personal preferences and aspirations). This guide is a more of an introduction about the psychological issues surrounding parent-child relationships, in terms of supporting your child in their various endeavors through positive reenforcement , as well as practical decision making when it comes to choosing the right college for your child, including housing, monetary and social issues etc.

Now, it is all well and good that we care enough as parents to take interest in our child’s future. Of course we have been saving all of our money so that one day our kids can grow to be successful, independent, and strong as both individuals and parents. So not investing our money properly can damage both our and our children’s goals , making us and them feel weak and insecure. Know that you should, if you call yourself a respectable human being, interfere with your child’s education even if you are NOT paying for it personally. We assume that you will take full responsibility in providing food, shelter and socially related expenses to the best of your abilities. So let’s get down to business shall we? How to help your child choose the best college available.

Ask Your Children About Their Thoughts On The Matter
First of all you should be more than aware that this it is not your life you are playing warden with! If you kid want to go to college somewhere you don’t particularly agree with, then you have no right to utter as much as a ‘duh’, let alone pry your nose into other people’s business. You should be more of a guide and advisor to your child, rather than a parent at this point of the child’s life. Your child is grown and mature enough to make decisions and plan for future on their own. If your son want to go to business school instead of following in your footsteps, then that is his choice. If your daughter wants to be a Philosophy major and not a doctor, it is her right to do so.

Financial Issues
Now as we all know, good colleges tend to be rather expensive compared to community colleges, as well as being harder to get into in terms of exams, test scores etc. That is why you must consider all the factors before you draw a solid line – most important factor being how affordable is that particular college compared to others in the same field of interest. We all want our children to have the ‘best education available’, but how many of us can actually afford it? There are however some pretty decent student loans that can come in handy, although some student loans are made particularly difficult to obtain, except of course if you qualify as a minority or physically/mentally disabled. Speaking of which, another good money saving idea is to see if your child qualifies for a scholarship. There are numerous programs associated with helping young people pay for their education; some might even include expenses such as housing, food and clothing. Different universities have different regulations and it is a really good idea to do your research in advance.

Talk To Your Child About His/Her Options
If you are truly a good and outstanding parent, then you should take the initiative and scout around different colleges to see which one works best for your kid. Write down subjects, expenses, classes etc. and then give that list to your kid. Always talk things out with your child before saying anything stupid, like ‘you must go to Oxford because blah blah blah’. Simply express your concerns in terms of priorities, like ‘It is best to choose Oxford because it is a tough economy out there, and I think you will do better there then anywhere else. What do You think?” or something of the sort. Taking your child’s own college hunting opinions into consideration, and taking into account your child’s personal aspirations and goals in life should paint you a picture of what you are looking for.

Consider Your Child’s Grades, Money And Housing
Most colleges have dorms integrated into their infrastructure, but keep in mind than not all of them have rooms available all the time! So make sure to make the proper research as to the different housing option you have available. As far as money is concerned, you should know exactly how much money you would have to spend for the entire education of your child. So like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, everything about your child’s education must be taken into consideration, from beginning to end. You cannot afford to run out of funds half-way through their second year, or believe me your child will hate you forever! And last but not least, you must take your child’s grades into consideration as well! If you can afford some far out college it doesn’t mean that your kid will make the cut. So keep an eye on that one as well.

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