The Five Most Important Discussions To Have With Your Teenage Daughter

5 Most Important Discussions To Have With Your Teenage DaughterRaising a teenage daughter is full of joy and challenges. As your daughter makes the transition from childhood into her young adult years, she needs your help and guidance to become a healthy, happy and well-adjusted young woman. There are lots of issues that will arise as your daughter grows, but here are the five most important discussions to have with your teenage daughter.

Peer Pressure
Talk to your daughter about listening to her inner voice and sticking with her internal compass even when those around her are pressuring her to go against them. Teach her how peer pressure often leads to poor decisions that could drastically change the course of her life.

Texting And Driving
Driving gives your teenage daughter a sense of freedom, but it can quickly become deadly if she texts while driving. Talk to your daughter about the importance of keeping her attention on the road and hands on the wheel. Show her news stories about texting while driving accidents and deaths. Let her know if she is caught texting and driving, both her car and phone privileges will be revoked.

Teen Pregnancy
The importance of helping your daughter avoid a teen pregnancy cannot be overstated. Talk to her about abstinence, birth control and the consequences of a teenage pregnancy. Having to leave school, missing prom and other events, major financial responsibilities, and giving up her freedom and future options such as going to college can result from an unplanned teenage pregnancy. She should know the responsibilities and options that come with being a birth mother.

Underage Drinking
Be sure your daughter knows the dangers associated with underage drinking. Developing an addiction to alcohol, lowered inhibitions that lead to poor choices, dangers of drunk and buzzed driving as well as increased risks of date or acquaintance rape are linked with underage drinking. She should know that you don’t approve and that it is illegal.

Inappropriate Use Of Social Media
Talk to your daughter about how to stay safe online and when using social media. Be sure she understands the impact of posting inappropriate pictures or postings can have on her reputation, acceptance to college, scholarship chances and even her future employment options. She should be aware of her privacy settings and know not to share too much personal information online. Knowing social networking dangers before they become a problem is essential.

Arm your teenage daughter with the information she needs to make smart decisions and stay safe. Talk with her openly, honestly and frequently and she will grow into a responsible young woman ready to face the world. While she may not seem to care about what you think or say from time to time, the truth is that she needs to hear where you stand on certain topics and since she looks to you for guidance.

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