Tooth Fairy: Getting Kids Through Their First Loose Tooth

Image courtesy of antpkr

Image courtesy of antpkr

So your child has their first loose tooth? This is an exciting time for both of you, but it could be a very scary time for them. Is your child starting to fall apart?? Help calm their worries with a few tips and ideas to make the first tooth a positive and fun experience, and make the others smooth as silk.

First, keep your Spirits High
You might find this exciting, but you might also see this as a sign that your baby is growing up. No matter how mixed your emotions are, you can’t let your kid see you upset in the slightest. This will tell them that there is something to be upset about, and they might grow concerned without reason. You know that this is a natural part of life; help your child understand the same.

Talk Through It
Ask your child how they feel about their tooth coming out. If they express fear, take time out to listen to their fears. Never laugh at your child’s fears no matter how silly they may seem. To kids they are very real, and often they need your help to understand. Sit with your kid and ask them why they feels that way. Try to reassure them that this is a natural part of life, and that new teeth will grow back.

Build Camaraderie
Share some pictures of you when you were a toothless kid, if you have them. Many kids think they are going through this alone, when in fact they’re not. It helps kids at this age to know that their parents were once their age, and once went through lost teeth too. Show them your full set of teeth so they understand the loss is only temporary. Be prepared for some interesting questions, as the conversation can go rather well if you bring your sense of humor.

Finally, Indulge in the Tooth Fairy
Tell your kid they might get a little prize for losing a tooth, and they might try to lose it even faster. Tell them that the Tooth Fairy comes at night, much like Santa Claus, to take away the tooth, and pass it on to a baby who needs it. Tell your kids that it’s a baby tooth, and that big kids don’t need them anymore. Of course, make sure to leave them something when that tooth does come out, such as a dollar, or new small toy.

If you have any questions or doubts, you could always call on a professional, who will help you deal with your little one’s fears and questions. You can be sure your child’s dentist will be able to answer all your child’s tricky questions.

About the Author: Brooke Chaplan is a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico and a freelance blogger. She loves to hike, bike and explore her home in Los Lunas, NM. For more teeth tips talk to a Sierra Dental professional.




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