Useful Tips on Putting Kids to Bed


For many parents, bed time is one of the least favorite times of day. Most kids go through a rebellious phase where they simply don’t want to sleep and many parents get frustrated while trying to figure out a way to make putting their kids to bed a little easier. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get your kids to go to bed easier. Helpful tips:.

~ Keep a routine.
Children thrive on routine and bed time is no exception. Pick a bedtime and stick with it. Soon, your kids will know that once a certain time of night arrives, the fun is over and they need to start thinking about sleep. Brushing teeth, taking a bath and getting on pajamas are all ways to signal that it is time for bed.

~ Make sure your kids are comfortable.

Kids need a comfortable place to sleep and if your son or daughter’s bed isn’t supportive or comfortable, they will dread going into it. Make them want to go to sleep by giving them a comfortable bed to sleep in.

~ Make sure they aren’t hungry.
Some kids have a hard time sleeping because they’re hungry. If your child seems hungry at bed time, ask yourself if they are hungry because they haven’t eaten in a while or if they are hungry because they are trying to put off sleep. If the sudden hunger is legitimate, you may need to incorporate a post-dinner snack to keep their tummies full.

~ Don’t cave in to their demands.
If your child has been setting their own bed time for a while, they may fight you for control. Don’t give in to screaming or crying or demands. Crying and yelling out will top as your child drifts off to sleep. The first few times you have to let them cry it out will be the hardest, but don’t give in.

~ Address their fears.
If they are afraid of the dark or monsters, address their fears. Look in the closet and under the bed, then install a night light. Do whatever it takes to make them feel safe in their rooms.

~ Be Consistent
It’s normal for kids to leave their beds and try to sneak back into the living room with mom and dad. If your little Houdini gets out of bed, don’t lose your cool. Simply get up and put them back in without saying a word. They will get the message eventually.

~ Make sure they are tired.
Playing non-active games with your kids before bed is a great way to get their energy out and make sure they are tired at the right time. Spend an hour or two after dinner having family time where you can play games and connect with your kids. Reading to your kids is also a nice way to calm them down so they are ready to sleep. If your child is older have them read to you or take turns reading their favorite book. Spending quality time with your kids before bed is a good way to bond with them as well as get them to go to sleep easier.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not a bad parent if you can’t get your kids to fall right to sleep. Be consistent with their bedtime and bedtime routine and eventually the nightly battles will cease.

Even if your kids are crying and yelling for you to rescue them, know that resisting sleep is a natural thing that almost every child goes through. You’re not the first parent to have kids that won’t sleep and you certainly won’t be the last. Hang in there and eventually things will get easier.

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