Big Feats by Jeff Botch

We at KidsGoals are all about goal setting and self-development for children, so we were very eager to read Jeff Botch’s new book BIg Feats . This beautifully illustrated book gives prime examples on how children can set specific, realistic goals for themselves and achieve them by having a positive attitude, taking action and having perseverance. The author also shows how a “winning attitude” can make a difference when life throws us a curve. We always have two options, we can either let negative happenings ruin our day or we can say “this too shall pass” and carry on with an inner knowing that all will be well :))

Jeff believes that with the “right” Attitude, Self Development, Action and Persistence or (ASAP) adults and kids alike can achieve their dreams!  “He adapted his ASAP model from one that helps sales people, to one that helps adults and children in every aspect of their lives.”

As an added bonus Big Feats also includes an activity and a questions page you can go over with your kids, that will help them thoroughly understand the valuable information they just read and how to put it into action! KidsGoals gives Big Feats a big thumbs up!

Product Details

Big Feats by Jeff Botch illustrated by Lisa J Michaels and Rosemarie Gillen

  • ISBN-13: 9781937260231
  • Publisher: Sleepytown Press
  • Publication date: 7/4/2012
  • Pages: 34

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