The Cool Rule Book

An interactive book for parents and toddlers to use

At KidsGoals we believe the basic recipe for loving and effective discipline is:

1. Clear rules that your child everyone else in the house understands. For example, do not allow your child to play ball in the kitchen, if you know your hubby will get upset with him for doing the same thing the next day.

2. Reasonable, age-appropriate consequences. This could be a short time-out for a toddler, or the temporary loss of a privilege or a special toy.

3. Predictable results – Ensure your child knows what the consequences will be if he misbehaves, and stick to these consequences.

4. Flexibility – take the time to listen to your child’s point of view and be willing to discuss changes to your household rules and consequences if such changes are justified.

5. Most importantly – lots and lots of love!

This is the Cool Rule Book in a nutshell and bonus it is lots of fun! Kids learn everything best when parents can make it enjoyable, so KidsGoals gives this little gem five stars out of five for encompassing loving discipline and making it a FUN project that you and your child can work on together.

The Cool Rule Book is a delightful little scrapbook that is designed to appeal to toddlers and includes many of the basic rules all young children need to learn, as well as extra rules and consequences that you can add. Each rule includes a space to put personalized photographs of your child and all the things and people that are important to him, such as his friends, his pet etc. Your child can design his “special” rule book any way he likes with stickers and colours and make it all his own! We love it 🙂

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