Holiday Crafts for Kids

I have personally never met a child that did not like to do crafts, especially Christmas crafts. This is a season that everything becomes magical and much more fun just because it is Christmas. As my children were growing up … Continue reading

“Goal Setting for Kids” – “KId’s Crafts” and Self Esteem :)

Craft activities can be a great way to entertain your kids – inexpensively and easily! Even the youngest child can enjoy art and craft activities, and the satisfaction of creating something unique is great for your kids’ self-esteem. It is … Continue reading

Benefits of Doing Crafts With Your Children

Doing kids crafts with your child: Provides quality bonding time with our children Builds positive self image Encourages self-discipline Rewards hard work and diligence Promotes eye-hand coordination Cultivates a love of learning Fosters cooperation with others Encourages their imagination … Continue reading