Accelerate Intellectual Growth with Music: Part 1 of 2

How Learning to play the Acoustic Guitar Can Affect Your Child’s Learning Development. There are many factors that contribute to raising a child that affect his or her development into a well-rounded, effective adult. Of course, if the child is … Continue reading

“Green Education” – What Nature Can Teach Our Kids

Kids today have huge advantages with regard to learning through technology; however, many kids are sadly, sometimes completely disconnected from nature. Now that summer holidays are upon us what an awesome time to introduce your children (no matter what age) … Continue reading

“Goal Setting For Kids” Reading for the Joy of it :))

I have always been a voracious reader. As a kid I would hide under the covers reading with a flashlight late into the night, unbeknownst to my Mother, who thought I was fast asleep. My youngest son seems to share … Continue reading

“Goal Setting for Kids” – Finding Their Passion :))

When we talk about goal setting for children and adults, we often talk about “finding our passion” and discovering goals that really motivate, inspire and excite us. This is indeed one of the great aspects of goal setting, that it … Continue reading