“Goal Setting For Children” -You’ve Realized Your Goal – Now What???

Having just realized a goal that I have been working on for the last few months, I was over the moon happy for making it a reality, but now what???

When it comes to “goal setting for children” and goal reaching, you must always have more than one iron in the fire, so to speak. You can have short term goals and long term goals and even goals that you may never actually reach, but they are goals nonetheless!

It is a wonderful feeling to finally bring your goal to fruition and know that all the hard work has payed off and you have something to show for it. Make a list of all the goals you want to accomplish and have your children do likewise. Teach them that some goals will come easier than others and some goals will be a long time coming, but the more goals you strive for, the more you will reinforce in yourself the belief that almost ANYTHING is possible if you set your mind to it. 🙂

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