5 Signs Your Child Might Be Too Smart for Their School Grade

homework-kidsIf you are noticing that your child is not only excelling in school but surpassing other children in their grade, it may very well be that your child is too smart for their grade, and would do better at a higher level. Below are discussed five signs that may indicate that your child may be too intelligent for their grade.

Domination over Their Peers

Is your child constantly mentoring, tutoring or otherwise helping out their peers in the same grade? This is a sign that they have more intelligence than the average child in their grade level. Students in the same class should be eager to learn together, and if one child is nurturing all the rest, it could be a sign that this student may do better at a higher level.

Your Child Constantly Complains of Boredom in School, yet Gets Excellent Grades

This is a definite sign that your child is performing above their academic level. If you ask how their day went, and they are always telling you it was boring, or that they didn’t learn anything, yet they always bring home straight A’s, you may want to consider speaking to their teacher regarding whether they are too smart for the grade they are in.

Your Child Is Unusually Inquisitive

It could be that your child constantly has an interest in knowing the complex side of things. If they are unusually advanced in asking the “why” of most topics, this could be a sign of a gifted child.

A Strong Desire to Excel

Does your child do extremely well in school, yet is always challenging themselves to go further? This is a sign that they may be too advanced for their class level. Usually, when kids do well in school, they are proud of themselves. If your child is not proud of him or herself, rather, they are too hard on themselves even when excelling academically, they may do better in a higher grade.

Not Interested in Schoolwork, yet Still Does Well

Does your child bring home a report card with straight As, yet you get reports from the teacher that they don’t turn in their homework? This may be a sign that they are not being challenged in school, and need to be moved to a higher level. If the child is bored with the work because it is too easy, they may choose not to complete their assignments, yet they excel at tests. Speak to the teacher regarding your options.

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