Give Your Children Confidence With Unconditional Love

As a mom of three kids, it is hard not to think about the differences between the way I was raised and the way I am raising my children. Back when I was young, summer vacations were spent outside running around the neighborhood. I was sent outside to play after breakfast, and had to return home by the time the street lights came on.

It was nothing to be all over the neighborhood throughout the day, only checking in when it was time to eat or time to go home for the night. But now, times are astoundingly different. The world is a scary place, and letting my children roam the neighborhood would not only get my children hurt, but also probably land me in jail.

It begs the question: how do we teach our children the right way to behave in a society that has changed so much since we were children? And how do we teach them to grow up to be smart, independent people in the scary world while also protecting them from it? It is a fine line to walk, but I think what it boils down to is showing them I love them no matter what happens.

It sounds cliched, almost. Give your kids unconditional love, and they can do anything. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. The fact is, when children feel secure and know that you will always be there for them, they flourish. When your child knows he will be loved no matter what mistakes he has made, he won’t
be afraid to spread his wings and fly in the world around him.

It sounds counterproductive: protect your children and show them unconditional love so they can stand on their own later on. The truth is, it works. When children come into this world, they are completely innocent. They are trusting creatures, willing to believe there is good in just about everything. As they grow up, they lose a lot of the trust they are born with, and for good reason! Not everybody can be trusted.

People aren’t always looking out for the well-being of others–they are usually only looking out for themselves and don’t care who they step on in order to get ahead. Whether it is getting ahead in their careers, socially, or economically, people are typically selfish. But children don’t see this selfishness until they learn it from
other people.

Whether those other people are their peers or their parents it doesn’t matter. They learn it, and they act the same way. It is a shame that a child’s world, which is so full of brightness, hope, and
wonder, becomes skewed as they get older.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. By giving children unconditional love, we show them how to love unconditionally. Children learn by example. So setting a good example of loving them through good times and bad as well as loving others in your lives will teach them to be self-assured and self-confident.

If they feel secure that their parents and others in their lives will always love them gives them the confidence they need to try new

It teaches them they can make mistakes without the risk of being disliked as a result. What’s more, by showing them unconditional love, they learn to love others as well, wholeheartedly, and without reservations or conditions.

By showing our children unconditional love we teach them that some people are selfish, and the adult world can be dog eat dog; however, they have the ability to know the difference between those selfish people who will do what it takes to get ahead and those who are willing to accept them for whatever and whoever they are.

Loving a child unconditionally gives them the courage and the strength to make it in this world on their own without becoming jaded or cynical themselves.

About the Author:
Sally stands by the truth that love makes the world go around. Loving our children and those in our lives, unconditionally is incredibly precious.

Understanding the psychology behind love and what love is, especially in the essay titled What is love by Jeremy
has helped Sal appreciate its importance more fully

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