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An interactive book for parents and toddlers to  use

Before we begin, I just want to make it clear that I am really rather chuffed. As a busy Mum It’s not often I am asked as “guest” anywhere. Let alone on a very cool website achieving such wonderful things for parents and kiddies. So thank you  KidsGoals, for the chance to tell the story of the Cool Rule Company…

Once upon a time there was a Mum who decided it would be a good idea to combine parenthood and a business… Hang on, I don’t think I actually decided to do that. I can’t remember sitting down and signing a contract with myself. I am not going to pretend there was a strategy if there wasn’t. Oh what the hell. Let’s just tell it like it is!

Six years ago, on a trip to Turkey, I found the man who was going to change the course of my life and that he did. After an intense but wonderful long-distance relationship, I moved over there to be with him. We got married and before I knew it, I was barefoot and pregnant and in a hot, hot kitchen.

Out first son changed everything, as babies do. Not only was I living in a different culture, in a climate that made me want to bask permanently in ice cubes, but I was a Mummy now. I had joined a club and I had signed up without reading the small print. I remember being struck by the highs and lows of this vocation. One minute swooning with love for my baby and the next minute feeling helpless, clueless, alone. Nobody said it would be like this. Then came the toddler years – ouch! At what point does your child morph from a cooing angel into a relentless, stubborn little rug-rat? Why does nobody warn you about that?

When my second son came into the world, I thought my older son, now nearly three, was coming out of this phase. Maybe the naughty spot could take a holiday. How wrong I was! This new arrival was clearly awesome, as well as alarming for him. Now that was a conflict of emotions I could identify with, and that is when the “Cool Rule Book” was created.

My son needed patience, love and a good dose of humour, so we took photos of all the things, people and places he knew well and stuck them in a scrapbook alongside rules for him to follow:
~ Share nicely with your friends
~ Brush you teeth everyday
~ Remember how much you are loved!

The Cool Rule Book was a hit! It reminded my husband and I how to be consistent, and how to stay calm, but firm. It showed my son all that was expected of him and enabled him to celebrate everything he was good at. Soon other parents wanted a piece of the “Cool Rule” action, so a trial began – a very successful trial – and then a business plan. That’s when the combining of parenthood and business stealthily crept in. I didn’t invite it – it crept in – sneaky eh?

So now I run the Cool Rule Company and sell my “creation” to parents and carers who want to celebrate happy living with their little ones. It’s all about allowing your child creativity and freedom within fair boundaries. Oh, and giving yourself a helping hand too!

You can find out more about the Cool Rule Company by visiting the website
The Cool Rule Company or following the Blog, CoolRuleAntics and follow us on FaceBook


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    • Hi Katelyn

      You are welcome to submit an article. Send it to mail@kidsgoals. You are allowed one link and it must be in the author’s bio as per our “write for us” policy. I think the one on winterizing your pool might appeal to my readers. Just a suggestion.

      All the best,
      Monicka Gregory
      Chief Editor

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