The Many Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids seems that children today are busier than ever before. With children having day planners that rival those of top business executives, parents are left wondering how to choose which activities are most enriching for their little ones. Study after study shows that giving your child music lessons is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give your child and one of the best ways he or she can invest his extra time.

Take a look at some of the top benefits of giving your child music lessons:

Music Lessons Boost Academic Intelligence:
Studies have shown that children who participate in music lessons perform better in school and on intelligence tests. Additionally, students who take music lesson have been shown to do better with spatial reasoning tasks and in mathematical problem solving. Researchers believe that, in part, the discipline and academically similar tasks that are used for learning an instrument may translate into the classroom.

Music Lessons Boost Emotional Intelligence:
It appears that learning a musical instrument, from string instruments to brass
instruments and everything in between, also gives children advantages when it comes to emotional intelligence. Children who take music lessons have been shown to be better able to recognize the emotional cues in people’s voices. One study even showed that music students were better attuned to recognizing emotions than drama students were.

Music Lessons Last a Lifetime:
The ability to play a musical instrument is a gift that your child can enjoy his or her entire life. But, even if your child does not continue to play an instrument for a lifetime the benefits of the lessons will endure. Adults who took music lessons as children have been shown to have faster response times on intelligence assessments and also retain the increased emotional awareness shown in children taking music lessons. Further, the hard work, discipline, practice, and attention that learning a musical instrument requires are forever beneficial to all aspects of life.

Music Lessons Are Fun:
Beyond the multiple and well-researched advantages of taking music lessons, music lessons are also an enjoyable way for your child to spend his or her time. Music is a fabulous way for children to express themselves. Unlike some activities, music has the unique feature of being able to do alone and in groups. It can provide a fun social outlet for children as well as a relaxing and renewing time of solitude.

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