Time Capsule: Fun Ideas to Show Kids About Planning for the Future

Whether you’re looking for something to do on those rainy days with your kids, or you want to teach them how to preserve things for the future, there are some fun ideas to help kids recognize how to plan for the future and the importance of remembering the past. Take the time to talk to your kids and find out what they are interested in, then get to work making memories.

If you have creative children who like to cut and paste, then this is an ideal project. Create a book for each child so that as the child gets older, more information can be added such as birthdays, graduations and weddings. Find pictures you can spare in order to cut them in various shapes and paste on the pages of the book. Let your children choose the pages and the stickers that are put in the book to make it more personal.

Hope for the Future
A hope chest might seem a little outdated, but the idea is something you could work with if you have several larger items to pass along to your kids. You don’t have to get a large chest, but you can use a plastic tote. Your kids can decorate the tote with stickers to spell out their name, or stickers of characters and colors they like. Continue adding things to the box like crafts from school and awards so that they are safe, and don’t get broken. This will provide a good place to put all those special things kids get and don’t have room for. Years later they will love going through the contents to see what they saved.

Test of Time
A time capsule is a fun way to get your kids involved in thinking about the future. Talk to your kids about what might happen in the future and that they should keep mementos about themselves and their family so they can remember them. Several things can be added to the capsule. School pictures and letters that they write to themselves are ideas that will make the capsule special. You can also include a letter that is not to be opened until the capsule is opened. Newspaper clippings can also be added. Bury the capsule in a place where your kids will be able to find it later. If you don’t have a place to bury it, just put it in your family storage facility and pick it up in a few years.

What’s In a Letter?
Gather everyone in the family, and write letters to each other. Seal the letters in envelopes, and put them all in a box. Write a date on the box when you will open all of the letters to see what each person had to say. This is a fun way to tell each other something special or to leave a little bit of information behind with age.

Creating memories with your kids can be fun and educational. Try to personalize the project as much as possible. Incorporate items like pictures and letters instead of things that you would buy at a store with your box or capsule for the future.

About the Author:
Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. After graduating from the University of New Mexico she moved to Los Lunas where she now lives and works. She remembers opening her own family time capsule in a storage facility. Contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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